Retainer Packages

We will meet in your home, review any areas you would like to improve and work together to make it happen. It is always helpful to prepare a list ahead of time of the things you would like to address during our time together but if you feel completely clueless, don’t worry, that’s what we are here for. Whether it’s simply tweaking your furniture placement, selecting paint colors, or redesigning your entire space, we are here to help! You can expect to discuss things like furniture that you’d like to keep or part with, scheduling, budget, and your inspiration.

Hourly Rate $150 per hour if a retainer is not selected.

Design Packages / Retainer Options:


  • Package A
    Purchase 10 hours at $135 per hour ($1,350)
  • Package B
    Purchase 20 hours at $130 per hour ($2,600)
  • Package C
    Purchase 30 hours at $125 per hour ($3,750)
  • Package D
    Purchase 40 hours at $120 per hour ($4,800)
  • Package E
    Purchase 50 hours at $110 per hour ($5,500)